Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New direction

On the 18th, after 30 days of uninterrupted gluten free, our gluten-free trial came to an abrupt and unintentional end as an unaware family member twarted my efforts by giving our son a brownie. I was tending to our daughter's needs and son asked if he could have a brownie, not realizing that not all brownies are gluten-free.

I was realistic in knowing that we likely wouldn't make it through the holiday unscathed, but I can't help but be a little disappointed that it came to an end so quickly. But at least we made it 30 days, which is a pretty solid testing period.

This unplanned ending opened the door to a perfect opportunity to try a different approach. In addition to no gluten, we are attempting dairy free. We sampled almond milk and he does not like it. I picked up the unsweetened vanilla flavor. Probably should have chosen one of the sweetened version or the chocolate version. I might pick up some of the chocolate this weekend and see how that goes. I submitted a refund request for the two half gallons I bought that he won't drink. Silk provides refunds if you don't "love it". Just waiting to hear back from them.

I have spoken to DS's teacher and told her we were going to be testing for a dairy allergy and she said she would help us as best she could. She asked me to provide drinks and snacks for him so that she can ensure she's giving him proper foods. So I did. I sent some cut fruit and 5 Juicy Juice Fruitfuls juice boxes with him to school yesterday for his snack. He told me last night that she forgot his juice boxes in the classroom and provided him milk to drink instead... seriously?? What happened to helping us? I've had it up to my neck with this teacher - between her disregard for our requests and disciplining him/changing his behavior color for some pretty stupid reasons, I'm about done with kindergarten. *sigh*

Anyhow, we're moving in a new direction. We're testing the dairy allergy now while maintaining the gluten-free diet to see how things go. I can't wait til he's out of kindergarten so snack time is no longer an issue. I feel so bad for him when his classmates are all eating a cupcake for someone's birthday and he is "stuck" eating cut fruit. :(


  1. I don't know how big his classroom is, but that's pretty major that she's forgotten a few times about his dietary changes. If addressing her directly ("I'm concerned about this slip-ups, it's really important that we go 100% with this trial so I need your complete cooperation") doesn't work, I'd probably go to the principal.

  2. His classroom has 24 students, plus a teacher's aide. It's interesting to me that she had his fruit, bowl and spoon for eating said fruit, but forgot his juice boxes when all were in the same plastic sack when I sent them. I'm sure she took the fruit to the cafeteria to be refrigerated, so why didn't she take the juice boxes too?

    I've sent notes to school reiterating the rules, and each time she comes back with some wild response. When we were doing gluten free, I told her it was ok for him to have homemade treats brought on another child's birthday (because I felt bad prohibiting him from having a birthday cupcake with his friends) and she never responded. When I confronted her about allowing him to have muffins a child brought on a non-birthday, she said that they had snack in the classroom and all of DS's snacks were in the cafeteria ("but they were really small" she says). I'm considering going to the principal, but will give it more time before I do. I'm just getting really annoyed with her.