Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing our daughter

Our daughter is 2 years old and is starting to demonstrate the same behaviors her brother demonstrated when he was her age. She's defiant part of the time, has tantrums and outbursts, cries easily, get angry easily, and will sometimes flat out ignore our attempts to redirect or stop behavior.

Her meals will be a slight bit harder to control as she is cared for during the day by a state-regulated daycare. This daycare is required to serve bread to each child at every meal unless there is doctor documentation that says she cannot have something. I perceive sending food with her to be more difficult than it is for my son.

She does however have the tendency to ask for fruit over anything else when she wants a snack. She loves strawberries and bananas! And string cheese.

I'd like to grab a hold of this child and fix her behavior before it gets to the same level as my son's. She is also a very bright and smart child whom I also expect to have boredom issues at school.

For the time being, we will focus on keeping her meals at home as Paleo as possible and will work to eliminate the gluten as time goes on. The daycare will be the biggest obstacle, I think. Any place that puts sugar on veggies so that kids will eat them has some terrible habits that will be hard to break!

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