Thursday, October 18, 2012

Relatively Smooth Morning

After yesterday's rough morning and DS getting red at school for behavior, I thought for sure last night would also be a troubling night. In keeping with the "sure fire consequences" I read about at Empowering Parents, he lost cartoons, computer time, and certain toys, and was to be sent to bed by 8 pm. After I picked him up and we discussed why he got in trouble at school, he promised me that he would be good for me. And he was. There were instances where he was very obviously trying to annoy his sister (standing in front of her while she was watching cartoons, standing in her way so she couldn't walk by, etc), but for the most part, he was very well behaved. He ate a really good dinner, we read a book (kind of - the book was beyond his level of reading and was an ISpy book that was beyond his level of picture finding skill), and he pretty much just chilled. It was almost like the calm after the storm...

This morning was relatively smooth too. Dear husband (DH) was home and awake, so he "helped". I haven't communicated my fears of ODD to him yet because he's been working second shift and I want to talk to him in person about it, show him the literature I've looked at and what approach I want to take. He did what we always do and tried to gain control by being bigger and louder. Reminding DS to get dressed in a demanding fashion, which is exactly what I would have done a week ago. In some cases, I'll just dress DS myself because it's faster and easier. DH thinks that is silly because we can't dress him forever. I think getting dressed without numerous reminders will be one of the things I put on his behavior chart when we start that.

There was little yelling and reminding and correcting this morning in comparison to yesterday. Hopefully we don't have another day like yesterday... Additionally, I hope today is a yellow day. Even more hopeful that gluten is all we have to change dietarily to assist in the behavior fix. I REALLY hope milk isn't a trigger. 

I guess we'll wait and see what color he brings home today. One day at a time.

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