Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starting over

We had to start over, as of Thursday. DS's teacher gave him a chocolate chip muffin at snack. DS said that they ran out of time so they couldn't go to the cafeteria for snack, so they had to eat what was in the classroom, which happened to be chocolate chip muffins brought in by another student.

I was livid!! I sent her an email asking her what he'd had for snack because I was keeping a detailed log to see if there's a pattern between his behavior and gluten consumption. She emailed me back and said that they ran out of time, and DS said he was hungry. She finished with "It was a very small muffin". How do you tell a teacher, without alienating her, that size doesn't matter with gluten? And why didn't she give him one of the packs of fruit snacks that she has in her classroom that I provided to her? I know they're there b/c she showed them to me at P/T conferences.

Oh well. Doesn't matter at this point. He ate the muffin. And his behavior was poor this weekend too. I'll be posting about that soon. It improved the further away from Thursday he got.

So, we're at Day 4 gluten free now... *sigh* Should be Day 9... Onward we go.


  1. I just started following you. I find this all so interesting. I'm a teacher and want to tell you you have many more rights to what your child is fed than you think, especially in a public school. Look at what has been done for all the nut allergies, most schools don't even allow anyone to bring a PB&J sandwich anymore. We need that with gluten/wheat! I am also just starting out on this journey. I have one daughter, 3.5, who can be a bit argumentative/stubborn and has occasional fits and meltdowns I am hoping losing the wheat can help.

  2. I wish you luck in your journey. I have found my son is very receptive to the idea of not eating gluten and dairy and will often call me out when I screw up and give him something he shouldn't have. I made him an omelet one day and completely spaced the no dairy thing. He said 'Mom! There's cheese on this.' I said 'and?' He replied with, 'I'm not supposed to have cheese, remember?' You'll be surrprised by how easy it is to get your daughter to go along with it once she starts to feel better. Good luck to you and keep me posted!